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Organizational Consulting

  • Evaluation of internal standards and practices compared to state regulations, internal policies, American Correctional Association Standards, Federal Bureau of Prisons Policies, Dietary Reference Intakes, 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and evidence-based medical nutrition therapy and dietetic standards

  • Food and medical service nutrition-related policy and procedure development

  • Nutrition and dietetics service quality of care audits

  • Food service and nutrition and dietetics service strategic planning

  • Menu nutritional quality improvement and analysis

  • Dietary supplement cost containment

  • Hunger strike nutritional management

  • Customized staff training for both healthcare and food service staff

  • Recidivism reduction

  • Assistance with development of nutritional standards used in third party contacts

Organizational and Individuals Experiencing Incarceration

Legal Case Review and Expert Testimony

  • Access to healthy food

  • Delayed medical treatment

  • Deliberate Indifference

  • Nutrition-related care management including but not limited to weight management, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, food allergies, celiac disease, malnutrition, post-bariatric surgery, texture modification, and wound management

  • Hunger strike management

  • Food safety

Consulting for Individuals Who are Pending Incarceration

  • Prison preparation

  • Understanding of the prison system

  • Enhanced ability for management of nutrition-related medical issues

  • Education on the prison food experience and prison food etiquette

  • Commissary food offerings

Consulting On In-Prison Matters For Individuals Who Are Experiencing Incarceration

  • Assessment of food and medical nutrition-related issues and related recommendations

  • Administrative remedy application and appeals

  • Compassionate release petition

  • Communications with officials

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